Water heating floor VALTEC

Operationing with temperature up to 80°С
Resistance to corrosion and overgrowing 
Absorption of noise and vibration 
Estimated lifetime up to 50 years


IVOR Thermostats

Voltage 110 - 220V
Adjustment range 5°С - 45°С
Regulation accuracy 1°С
Frame color Satin Chrome, Satin Gold


Roller shutters of extruded profiles DoorHan

Profile RHE45T
Material Aluminum
Сolor White, brown, gray, beige
Wall Thickness, mm 0,9
Weight per meter, kg 0,175
Weight of 1 m ², kg 3,89


Water leakage monitoring system NEPTUN Base

Voltage 220V
Maximum load 8A
Consumed power 0,5W
Reaction time 2 sec.
Proportions 119 х 72 х 55,5 мм
Weight 250g

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