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Our company helps to create coziness and comfort, beauty and favorable microclimate in your home, offering products made only ​​from natural materials.

Warm floors
Warm floorsWarm floors - economical system of keeping warm in your home. By installing of warm floors, you get warmth and comfort at any time of the year.
Unique principle of heating, namely, widespread distribution of heat throughout the area of placement of warm floor.
Most significant strenght of warm floors - large (up to 30%) saving on heating costs.
Ascending flow of warm air at working process of warm floor, prevent emergence of small drafts in house.
Warm floor - it's a hidden heating, and therefore it`s safe.
Our company provides customers with highest quality products from best manufacturers at affordable prices:
Cable heating system - FENIX ECOFLOOR (Spain and Czech Republic).
Infrared film warm floors – REXVA, XICA film (Korea).
PEX pipes for warm floor system by water - VALTEC (Italy), SANICA (Turkey)
Temperature Controllers OKONOFF (China), OJ Electronics (Denmark), IVOR Technology (Shanghai, China).

Garage gates and roller shutters
Garage gates and roller shutters"Tobon" Company provides a range of garage gates, roller shutters, sectional gates, rolling gates, sliding gates from DoorHan Company. Garage gates must first reliably protect your belongings to be safe and easy to operate. Also important is an aesthetic performance of product - their appearance should match to architectural style of building. All these qualities are present in production of manufacturer of world`s standard DoorHan.
One of the most convenient modes of gates from the company DoorHan are sectional gates. Due to sandwich panels, and packing systems, sectional garage door DoorHan tight and endowed with heat and sound insulating properties. They are designed for long life (minimum 10 years) and have a security system operation, and a high level of operating comfort. They have a comfortable and lightweight design, aesthetic, also simple and secure from hacking. These garage gates almost not occupy space, as they consist of panels that sequentially fold at lifting under ceiling. The door can be equipped with electric and remote control.
Sectional gates DoorHan match all the requirements of both: Russian GOST 31174-2003, or the European standard EN 13241-1.

Security systems
Security systemsAll over the world, security has become increasingly important. After all, a sense of confidence in the future is necessary for each person. That's why our company is committed to making life safer. We try to match to requirements for safety and quality and provide high quality equipment designed for the protection and monitoring of private ownership of large public and industrial buildings.
Here you can find intercoms, video intercoms, video surveillance systems, access control system (System Access Control and Management), fire safety, barriers, turnstiles and gates.
Our company offers a whole range of services required for the installation of comprehensive security system: design, installation of security systems, works on startup and commissioning, service and warranty maintenance of engineering systems.
At your service products of companies such as: HYUNDAI TELECOM, COMMAX, NOVUS, DOORHAN, FAAC

Boilers and radiators
Boilers and radiatorsThe question of heating of facilities, residential or office, standing in front of each person, because warm - a key to comfort, both at home and in workplace. "Tobon" Company offers heating boilers and radiators of different capacities, depending of room size and the desired heating temperature. We provide high quality, safe and economical equipment of famous manufacturers at affordable prices:
Bimetal radiators TENRAD BM (Germany), wall mounted electric boilers Protherm, SCAT lineup, ranging from 6 to 28 kW.
Main advantages of boilers and radiators from other heating systems are:
- Aesthetic design,
- High heat output,
- Saving energy,
- Safety,
- Environmentally friendly.
Boilers and radiators are quite popular and in demand products in the world`s market. They satisfy need of people in warm at ease of use and low costs for heating.

LED lighting
LED lightingFor those who keep pace with time, modern solutions and their use - question is not only practical but also fashion.

Modern style of home, office - today an important part of image of a successful and self-confident person. And comfortable lighting - an integral part of the interior.

Every day, on city streets you can find more and more signboards using LEDs. LED lighting - a new generation of lighting technology. Opted for such lighting - is choice for people who seeking to be on cutting edge of life, accustomed to getting best and maximum.

Our product range includes LED lamps of the world's leading manufacturers: Hyundai Telecom (Korea) and JOM Lightning (China).

Ventilation systems
Ventilation systems"Tobon" Сompany offers a range of ventilation equipment VENTS: air treatment systems, household, industrial and commercial fans, air heating systems, air ducts and fittings, air diffusers, accessories for ventilation, ventilation kits.
Ukrainian company VENTS (Ventilation Systems) was founded in 1990. Today company is world's largest and the only one in Ukraine exporter of ventilation equipment throughout the world.
VENTS Сompany produces whole range of components necessary to create ventilation systems of any complexity. Ventilation equipment VENTS has been recognized in 80 countries.

Stretch ceilings and accsessories
Stretch ceilings and accsessoriesStretch ceilings - best solution for design of your ceiling. Durability, practicality and beauty!
The advantages of a stretch ceiling:

1. Quick installation and labor costs reducing, as labor costs are eliminated for all preparatory and finishing works
2. Ensuring protection the premises from water leaks from the top.
3. Aesthetic properties.
4. Ability to implement virtually any design decisions.
5. Process of installation of stretch ceilings leaves no dirt and debris.
6. Masking effect. Ability to hide seams and household communication.

"Tobon" Company works only quality stuff, as you'll see!
Our company uses products from companies such as - PONGS (Germany), PTMC-Polyplast (Belgium), RENOLIT (Germany), CTN (France).

Installation period - 2 days.