Water heating floor VALTEC








For the water heated floor we offer pipes of VALTEC. The material is cross linked by polyethylene pipes VALTEC PEX-EVOH. This gives to the product thermal stability, mechanical strength, high elasticity, high resistance to ultraviolet radiation. In addition, the PEX pipes have low inner surface roughness (this reduces the flow resistance, eliminates overgrown channels); do not corrode, do not emit harmful substances into the flow in temperature range, electrically inert, do not spread (the opposite - consume) the noise and vibration, withstand a freezing liquid. Polyethylene pipes VALTEC PEX-EVOH designed for cold and hot water, including drinking water supply and heating in operating temperature up to 80 ° C (at an operating pressure of 6 bar), including - for the floor heating. Briefly let transported medium heat to 95 ° C. Maximum operating pressure is 10 bar. Temperature at this pressure is limited to 60 ° C. Construction pipe comprises a layer of polyvinyl ethylene (EVOH), which prevents the diffusion of oxygen into the coolant. Products tested and certified. Estimated lifetime – up to 50 years.

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