The Italian company ROYAL THERMO - the world-class European producer. The company has been created in the mid-nineties. Activity of production Royal Thermo was based on production of high-class radiators.

Linoa Korea

Linoa Korea company with LTD has started own brand of film heat-insulated floors TAEIL Inoa in 2013. Heat-insulated floors of the company have many advantages: they are also available, silent, safe and economic. Linoa Korea co LTD guarantees high quality to the consumers and already today exports the production to more than 15 countries of the world.


Ecola company — one of the leading producers of energy saving lamps. The main area of work of the company — production of unique energy saving lighting fixtures, in work — prospects of the direction and ample opportunities of development and innovations in this segment. The Ecola company releases lamps, energy saving lamps, searchlights, special lamps for various stretch ceilings, the built-in ceiling lamps.

Fenix Company

Fenix trade group was founded in 1990. First products manufactured by the company were electric radiant heating panels ECOSUN, which immediately won the attention of buyers. With the growing market demands for these products, Fenix manufactured electric heaters ECOFLEX, heating cables and mats ECOFLOOR and heating film ECOFILM, including elements of regulation of heating systems and a wide range of additional products.
Dynamic growth of the company demanded expansion of structure of society. At present, the holding consists of seven commercial companies and it is one of the largest European manufacturers of flat electric heating systems. Products of Fenix Company are exported to more than 50 countries on four continents.
Today the Tobon Company, is the official representative of Fenix Company on Tajikistan`s  market .

Valtec Company

Introduced in Italy in 2002, VALTEC SrL in a short time, "puted on a conveyor," a wide range of products developed through the study of strengths and weaknesses of products from different manufacturers. Today the brand VALTEC offers a unique latitude range of components for engineering the facilities of individual and mass construction. Established system of quality control and production management ensures perfect functioning of VALTEC products throughout the declared period of operation.

DoorHan Company

First gates installed by DoorHan were a tilt-up construction of its own design. They were installed in autumn 1994 - this time is a beginning of existence of the enterprise. After 18 years, DoorHan company passed through all stages of development, turning from a small installation company in transnational diversified industrial holding company.

Protherm Company

Heating boilers Protherm produced little more than 20 years and during that time they earned a stable recognition of customers. Selling boilers from this brand grows from year to year, gaining market by great quality of products and reasonable prices. Boilers, made of the latest Protherm developments are high efficiency and effectively manage with all tasks of heating large areas.

OJ Electronics

Since 1964, OJ Electronics offers electronic solutions to improve comfort of each customer. Two main competencies of the company - thermostats and air temperature control. OJ Electronics is located in Denmark, serving large and small customers in all over the world.


CLIPSO Group, founded in 1997 by Bernard Geis and unites 6 companies in several countries: France, USA, Russia, India and the UK. Due to its unique production base, a group of companies CLIPSO became a worldwide leader in production of extra-wide woven cloths.

Giacomini Company

The company was founded in 1951 by Alberto Giacomini and was a small cottage industry in field of sanitary fittings. Effective operations of the enterprise from the very beginning were achieved through modernization and innovation. It allowed to quickly move beyond of national trading and became one of the major competitors in European market.


French company CTN more than thirty years professionally engaged in production of materials for residential and office facilities, shops and showrooms. During this time the company has achieved a leading position in Europe. Over the years the company has united team of experts, well-known for their experience and commitment to their work, even outside of France.


The SV-Barrisol company was founded in 1993. Since the foundation the company took the direction to provide quality services to consumers in  construction industry. Constant improvements in technology, product quality and processes - allows the company Barrisol Normalu remain far ahead of their competitors.


RENOLIT Company, founded in 1946 in Worms (Germany), By Jacob Muller. Today company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality thermoplastic films for different purposes, and other products made from synthetic materials.


Founded in 1910 in Mönchengladbach-Rheydt factory PONGS, since its transfer to Adam Lautenbach`s family business in 1967, has gradually become one of the leading global suppliers, manufacturers, printers of textile and film materials for processing advertising forms and decorations.


History of ZEMAT Technology Group begins in 1957, when was founded Z.M.E Zemat. Today ZEMAT Technology Group is the only one in Poland and Central Europe a manufacturer and supplier of equipment using the technology of high frequency in heating of polymers, packaging, cold plasma generation, industrial heating and drying, shaping wood, etc.

Grota Company

Company Grota started its activities in 1996 with the production of brass fittings for metal-tube. Qualified staff and high quality of products made rapid development to company. Already in 2000 production capacity increased more than twice and was started production of sanitary control cabinets, which in a short time occupied the leading position in Russian market.